Middle School Realignment

April 10, 2021

Dear Christenbury Residents,

Hope you are enjoying the spring break ! Thanks for your support so far in the fight against middle school rezoning.

We have gained a lot of momentum. Over 1,000 letters written by children and families in support of Green+ plan have been sent to the CCS board members. We have shown up at every BoE meeting this year to speak / protest in support of Green+ plan. There has been plenty of media coverage about our collective movement. We have heard directly from several CCS board members that they are considering Green+ plan proposed by us.

We are now in the home stretch. The final recommendation will be made to the BOE in a few days and on Tuesday, April 13th there is a public hearing event during which speakers are allowed. This is our FINAL opportunity to be heard before BOE votes in a couple of weeks. We need speakers and protestors in much larger numbers than ever before.

  1. To sign up to speak, email Carina.Nevel@cabarrus.k12.nc.us with your name, address, and cell phone number latest by April 12th. Speakers will each receive 3 minutes to speak and will be called in the order they signed up. Please see attached document for the latest update and speaking tips.
  2. We encourage children and families to show up at 5pm wearing masks and dressed in green to show support for Green+ plan.

Speakers may have to stay back until late evening. Christenbury HoA is providing boxed meal for speakers and refreshments for all.

It is now or never - please come out to SPEAK or RALLY in support of GREEN+ plan!!


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